Spring Bulb Planting

Now is the perfect time to start planting springtime bulbs. Flowers are few, and days are getting chilly but until the temperature drops and stays below 32 degrees you can start planting springtime bulbs.  Spring blooming bulbs require a chilling period. They’re dormant when you get them and break dormancy only after the chilling period. Winter conveniently supplies this necessary cold period. That’s why you put the bulbs in the ground now to have beautiful flowers by spring. Although you won’t see them bloom for months, selecting species, cultivar, color and style is a great wintertime entertainment.

The best springtime bulbs we suggest to plant are: tulips, iris, crocuses, and daffodils.  Tulips are very popular due to the infinite amount of colors they come in. These are a good choice for beds and borders. You can enjoy the beauty of tulips from early spring to late summer. Iris flowers show elegance and grace and are easily grown. There are over 300 species of irises, most familiar being tall (at least 28 inches). Crocuses are the earliest springtime bulbs to bloom, blooming as early as late winter. Snow crocuses (the first to bloom) to giant Dutch crocuses are all just two inches tall. These blooms offer a variety in colors that stand out against the bleak late-winter landscape. If you are not planting this perennial bulb you are missing out on an early season of delight. Daffodils are another flower that comes up very early in the springtime. They’re a great solutions for gardens where deer, rabbits, and squirrels tend to chew on your plants because although they look pretty they taste terrible!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s plant some of these bulbs now for beautiful blooms come spring!

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