Peter A Navarra Landscape understands that it’s about that time for firewood. Some people like to sit by a warm fire, relaxing while reading a good book or watching TV with the family, while other people use a use it to keep their oil bills lower by heating their homes or businesses.  In either case, we know how important it is to have a clean, split, and seasoned product.

We offer a variety of seasoned hardwood, which is wood that has ease.  The seasoning process is what allows the wood to burn clean and efficiently in your wood stove or fireplace.  In order to season the wood it must go through a process that takes about 8-12 months. Depending on the sunlight conditions, air circulation around the pile and rotation of the pile during the seasoning process it can be more or less time. The moisture content at the end of seasoning is around 20%, it may vary depending on the source.

Once the seasoned wood has been cut and split for 8-12 months, we can deliver it to you.  Seasoned wood will appear to be gray in color in some cases which is evidence of a correct seasoning process. Seasoned is the most common type of wood on the market and is available all winter long, it is stored outside and may have some snow or surface moisture on it, depending on the weather. This will quickly dry off once under cover or brought into your home.  Once it dries, it does not affect the quality of the wood.

Our firewood is available for delivery six days a week anytime during the year.  Our courteous and responsible crews are able to provide your home or business with the quantity of wood that you desire, with only a days notice.  Our crews can also take all the hard work out of your firewood process. We can stack your wood wherever you would like, from the backyard to inside the house, tell us the spot and we can accommodate it. We will be happy to stack wood of any increments, however, additional notice is needed and additional costs will apply based on the amount and stacking.


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