Damage caused by white-tail deer browsing is becoming a critical problem for homeowners throughout Westchester and Fairfield County, causing economic and aesthetic loss on a large scale.  Our program focuses on altering products that are tested along with temporary fences that blend into the landscape to keep deer off balance.
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Deer Control
Deer feeding often causes considerable damage to trees, shrubs and gardens. An adult deer consumes an average of 5-8 pounds of vegetation daily. Personal health concerns also arise due to some diseases.

Deer Repellent
PNL repellant programs are applied year round to account for weathering and new growth. In practice though, deer turn to ornamental shrubs only after other food are exhausted; November to April is when the greatest damage occur. With PNL program, we’ll help you monitor deer activity and apply different types of organic repellents that will keep deer off-balance. Where deer pressure is heavy, lighter summer application may be necessary.

Deer Fencing
Temporary deer fence can be installed around large beds, and around individual plants (tree/shrubs). The deer fencing we install is a poly coated wire or nylon. The black color and consistent grid-like space make it virtually invisible. This method can be seasonal – we can install it in Fall and remove it in Spring.