“The work that Peter Navarra Landscaping has done for us over the years has been nothing but outstanding. His maintenance crews are always prompt and professional.  I’m impressed by how Peter, himself, is always on the job reviewing his work crews and recommending ways to improve the our property.” Alan Rosen – Purchase, NY

organic plant health care


An alternative to pesticides, our Tree & Shrub Healthcare Program enhances the biological life of your trees and your soil…instead of creating a chemical dependency. We use biologically enhanced fertilizers, Kelp based bio-stimulants, natural oils and OMRI listed products to maintain a sustainable landscape. This program creates healthy trees, shrubs and environment for you, your family and pets.
IPM is a companion component of Plant Health Care (PHC) that involves regular monitoring, anticipation, proper pest identification, establishment of tolerable damage thresholds, and targeted biological and alternative pesticide treatments, when necessary, to keep insect and disease problems under control. 

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tree fertilizing and insect management services

Deep root fertilization delivers nutrients and beneficial biology directly to the root zone of plants via soil injection. Our custom fertilizer mix is a blend of fish hydrolysate, liquid seaweed, humic acid, actively aerated compost tea, organic macronutrients, essential trace minerals and mutually beneficial mycorrhizal fungi spores. In addition to supplying nutrients where they are needed most, deep root fertilization helps open up compacted soils allowing oxygen and water to reach the root zone under the canopy area and beyond the drip line.

We use products such as cedar oil and a mixture of Rosemary, Peppermint, Wintergreen oils, Garlic juice and Vanilla. These products will not only control ticks but non-beneficial insects like fleas, mites, mosquitos, beetles, stink bugs, spiders and more and will not hurt the beneficial insects.
Preparedness and awareness is the best prevention to keep your property clean of brush and debris. Move firewood away from the house, manage pet activity and check yourself and or your children carefully after spending time outside.