TIck control

Why should I use Tick Treatment?
Ticks, including the Brown deer tick, tend to live outdoors in your lawn and landscape, waiting for its new host to walk by and attach itself. Protecting yourself with sprays and repellent is one way to help, but also applying a barrier in your lawn where your children and pets play can help to dramatically decrease your chances of being bitten or ultimately contracting Lyme disease.

Tick control services:

How does it work? Peter Navarra Landscaping’s Tick Treatment is 100% organic and is applied directly to your lawn and landscape. It creates a barrier, preventing ticks from living in your lawn and landscape. The decreased presence of ticks help decrease your chance of being bit, including the black-legged tick, and contracting Lyme disease, as well as other diseases. Our approach towards tick control is an organic system that reduces the potential risk of infection from tick bites. With our program you will immediately realize a substantial reduction in tick population.

What you can expect from our Tick Program: Coverage: We treat lawns, landscape beds, stone walls, wood piles and under decks.

Control: We will control ticks currently on your property, as well as ticks that drop from deer and other animals that cross your property. Our product also controls fleas, flies, mites, mosquitos, beetles, stink bugs, spiders and other unwanted insects. It will not harm beneficial insects such as bees, butterflies and earthworms.

Convenience: Once our application has been applied, you can enjoy your property as soon as it dries.

Reduction: Our product offers you peace of mind by drastically reducing the chances of contracting Lyme disease.

Relief: Our product makes it safer for children and pets to play outside.

Confidence: Our product is an environmentally friendly choice with awesome results. We use Cedar oil and a mixture of Rosemary, Peppermint, Wintergreen oils, Garlic juice and Vanilla.

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