Tree Pruning

Peter Navarra Landscaping and Tree Service understands that tree pruning and tree trimming are an essential component to healthy, safe and structurally sound trees. There are several important reasons for tree pruning services and there are also different types of pruning and trimming practices.

We strongly recommend tree pruning

  • Thinning tree to reduce size and weight
  • Removing weak, dying or dead limbs to increase safety
  • Improve shape or clearance to ensure trees are away from the house or other improvements
  • Cleaning of branches and structure to allow more light on lawn

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Tree Pruning Services

Crown Cleaning and Thinning: Cleaning of a trees’ crown can include pruning away dead limbs or dying and diseased branches. Every tree is different in terms of size and needs and one of our tree specialists can provide a free consultation to inform you of your options for crown cleaning. Thinning out touching, rubbing and/or crossing limbs can help reduce the number of branch structures that imped light from reaching your lawn. Thinning a tree by pruning or trimming can also help with safety to ensure the wind resistance in a tree canopy is reduced.

Prune Deadwood: Probably one of the most common practices utilized for tree pruning is pruning the deadwood out of a tree and the trees’ canopy. Tree services typically include pruning the dying, diseased or dead limbs as it helps promote both a healthy and safe tree. Pruning services also are performed on trees as a preventative measure to minimize storm damage, dropped limbs and prevent any large deadwood branches from leaning on or landing on a house or valuable structure.
Structural Pruning: Do you have small animals keeping you up? Are there branches touching your roof or windows? Pruning tree services such as removing limbs away from your house are extremely common. Generally speaking, clearing and pruning branches away from a house or other improvement is necessary to provide safety clearance while not harming the tree and keep it structurally sound. limbs away from a structure is completed by certain footage effective to clear the structure but at the same time not harming the tree and keeping its structural integrity.

Vista Pruning: Selective tree pruning can provide enhanced views of the scenery around your house – maybe of the lawn, field, and hill or even to improve sight visibility when entering and leaving your driveway. Vista pruning typically requires a professional to ensure all the proper cuts are made and the trees maintains its current health, vigor and structure.